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कन्नड घाटातील रस्ता आजपासून वाहतुकीसाठी बंद, पुढील आदेशापर्यंत पर्यायी रस्ता वापरण्याची सूचना

Apart from the truckers staying from perform, there were also a couple of instances of violence and raasta roko (road blocks) throughout MMR on Monday.

त्याच्या उमेदवारीला शरद पवारांचा विरोध होता, अजितदादांची टीका, रोहित पवारांकडून जोरदार प्रत्युत्तर

सलमान खान फायरिंग केस में नया अपडेट, क्राइम ब्रांच ने दो पिस्टल समेत ये हथियार किए बरामद

Maharashtra Assembly Speaker Rahul Narwekar claimed heading towards the needs of Sharad Pawar is dissent expressed by users of a political party and can't be seen as act of leaving the bash. "Associates of get together expressing worries in excess of political conduct of other associates does not total to defection or desertion.

While this surge is attributed to heightened surveillance, doctors express issue about differentiating Covid sufferers amid the increase in seasonal an infection circumstances.

आईपीएल में रॉयल चैलेंजर्स बेंगलुरु कब जीतना शुरू करेगी?

16:38Rajkummar Rao Exceptional on currently being Srikanth Bolla: I was not certain, I pushed myself for this hard position

ABC NEWS capabilities continuous, industrial-no cost protection of key and breaking stories in Australia and throughout the world.

...तर अमरावतीत दंगल घडवण्याचा कट होता, बच्चू कडूंचा गंभीर आरोप, बच्चूभाऊ काय म्हणाले?

Performing on check here the tip off on Tuesday that a consignment of prescription drugs was currently being despatched to Australia, a DRI team frequented a courier organization and zeroed in with a parcel made up of a steel table, he said.

नेतज़ाह यहूदा: इसराइली सेना की वो बटालियन जिस पर अमेरिका लगा सकता है प्रतिबंध

Ousted federal election official gave himself a pay back raise and misused funds for Harvard classes, watchdog suggests

पूरे शहर बांट आया शादी का कार्ड, लिखी ऐसी बात, पढ़ते ही मेहमान हुए बेहोश!

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